These are few of the most asked questions in Lendscourt online.You cant send your question through the contact boxIf none of them provides clarity on a question you are looking for and the answer will be added here.

how many units do i need,before i can be elligible to receive money with my units?

You need a minimum of 500units=₦5000 before you can recieve money with your units

what is the importance of my wallet balance if i cant withdraw it

Your wallet balance aside your pending and available balance is where all bonuses relating to your account are added and it cant be withdrawn until it is converted to system units and then used to request money from the system

Can i open multiple accounts

you can register multiple accounts as long as you dont use thesame email and phone no for another account.The system blocks any account with thesame email or phone no

How many times can i donate money at a time

You can only donate money once on an account.You must have received your available balance before you can provide help again

How sure am i that i wont loose my money to lendscourt just like other previous promising platform

The power to keep the system moving and paying rest majorly on the hands of our members.We can assure you that the doggedness of our admins will help to fish out unscrupulous participants that mean no good for the system.We will be on deck 24/7 to make sure our loyal participants are fully paid every amount that is theirs.You have our word!!

I paid the money to my referrer but he/she has refused to confirm my payment

Report to the admin with proof of your payments and it will be rectified immediately

My downline hasnt paid but he aknowledged his/her payment

Donot confirm your downlines if you havent received your payment.The system will automatically block the participants and remerge you after 12hours